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LinMot-Talk 6.2


New LinMot -Talk 6.2 Build 20140915

LinMot-Talk 6.2 Build 20140915 (WinXP, VISTA, Win 7, Win 8 all 32 & 64 bit).


For servo controller series:

B1100-GP, -PP, -VF, B1150-ML
B8050-ML-EC, -IP, -PL, -SC
C1100-GP, C1150-PN
C1250-EC, -IP, -PL, -PN, -SC, -SE
E1100-CO, -DN, -GP, -RS, E1130-DP
E1200-GP, E1230-DP, E1250-EC, -PL, -IP, -SC, -SE
E1400-GP, E1430-DP, E1450-EC, -PL, -IP, -SC, -SE
M8050-EC, -IP, -PL, -PN

All firmware releases starting from V3.3 are included and supported by this version.


Download LinMot-Talk 6.2 Build 20140915