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Electric linear motor - technology

LinMot linear motors employ a direct electromagnetic principle. Electromagnetic force provides direct linear movement without the use of cams, gears, belts, or other mechanical devices. Thus, LinMot motors and its servo drives are purely electric drive systems. 

The linear motor is designed tubular and consists of only two parts: the slider and the stator. 

The slider is a precision assembly that consists of a stainless steel tube, which is filled with neodymium magnets, that has threaded attachment holes on each end. The stator, consisting of coils, the bearing for the slider, position sensors and a microprocessor board, is a design element that offers significant advantages to engineers.



Motor forces up to 2500 N (562 lbs)
The standard motors are available in 15 different motor configurations with peak forces of from 33 to 2500 N (7-562 lbs). A total of over 300 standard motor specifications with strokes lengths of up to 1770 mm (5.8 feet) are available. In addition, the module design of LinMot® motors allows custom designs even in moderate quantities.

Cable or rotatable connector IP67
To address the cable routing concerns of machine designers, LinMot provides motors with either space saving cable and connector (pigtail) assemblies or rotatable connectors mounted right on the motor. LinMot motors adapt to your design requirements.

Stainless Steel Motor IP69K
LinMot introduces a complete new Linear Motor family P01-48x240F-SSC in Stainless Steel 1.4404/316 with the outstanding protection rating IP69K designed for applications in food, pharmaceutical and packaging machines.

The new motor has a diameter of 60mm and an over all length of 350mm. It will be available with or without integrated water cooling with peak forces up to 500N.


Design Tool
LinMot Designer is a high performance design tool for linear movements. Applications can be analyzed and optimized by different parameters in seconds. An integrated database will select the right LinMot drive components for your application making manual calculations unnecessary.