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LinMot Servo Drives

E100/E1001 Series


LinMot Linear Motors and LinMot Servo Drives build an optimal drive system for linear positioning applications. The broad spectrum of Servo Drives support simple two point movements as well as high precision multi axes applications with electronic cam and synchronization.




Easy Integration

The connection to a superior machine control units can be realized by analog, digital or serial Interfaces as well as field busses or ETHERNET.

The plurality of available field bus interfaces and protocols allow an easy and fast integration of LinMot drives into any PLC or PC based machine controller.



Intelligent Servo Drives
LinMot Servo Drives are intelligent units with one or up to four different motor channels, integrated position controllers and the option to store predefined curves and motion profiles. Therefore the superior PLC doesn't have to deal with motor issues or position loop parameters. The PLC can directly set positions, start curves or run motion profiles.


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Normally LinMot Servo Drives will be used as positioning controllers together with a superior PLC or PC. In addition there is the option to integrate technology functions or customized application software into the Servo Drives.

Application Software
With the Application Software it is possible to program customized applications directly into the Servo Drive. An Application Software makes sense if the process is to fast to send the data from the Servo Drive  to the PLC or the performance of the PLC is not sufficient.

Technology Functions
Technology Functions are general function units, which offer a complete solution for a specific kind of applications.  Technology Functions may control whole processes. For example a PLC must only sent a couple of parameters like 'number of windings' to the Servo Drive and the Technology Function 'textile winding' will fulfil the whole winding process of a bobbin.

Basic Functions
Basic Functions are e.g. the communication to the PLC or PC, the set point generation, the calculation of point-to-point movements, the synchronization of different motors, the synchronization to a electronic master cam and so forth.

Control, Surveillance and Montoring
The core functionalities of the Servo Drive like position loop, current loop, surveillance of the power electronics, monitoring of the temperature, power and position of the connected Linear Motors are done inside of the control, surveillance and monitoring part.


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